About Morrisville

Morrisville, NC is a rapidly growing Triangle community that is located between the Town of Cary and Research Triangle Park.  Its location, primarily in western Wake County, and in close proximity to the newly constructed Highway 540 beltway has made it a preferred home for many of the area's residents and corporations. 

The area was named Morrisville in 1852, in honor of Jeremiah Morris, who donated land to the North Carolina Railroad to build a depot in the area between Raleigh and Chapel Hill.  For much of its existence, Morrisville remained a largely rural and farm-friendly community, even as neighboring Cary welcomed tens of thousands of new residents and Research Triangle Park became the home of leading technology corporations.  As recently as 1980, Morrisville's official population was fewer than 300 people.

Within the past decade, Morrisville has begun witnessing the same type of significant growth of neighboring Triangle communities.  Population has quadrupled since the turn of the century, to approximately 20,000 residents.  The addition of large shopping complexes and expansion of country roads to major thoroughfares has complimented the presence of large companies, such as Lenovo, Tekelec and Lulu.

Sandez Chiropractic
is located less than a mile from the Morrisville - Cary boundary and is pleased to serve many patients who live or work in this dynamic, growing part of the Triangle.