Positive Feedback From Our Patients

During our years in practice, Sandez Chiropractic has had the opportunity to provide pain relief and health improvement for hundreds of patients.  It is profoundly gratifying to be able to make a difference in people's lives and equally satisfying to receive enthusiastic thanks from the people we serve.

We encourage you to review this small sample of the many testimonials we've received from patients that have experienced relief from pain and improved health as a result of chiropractic treatment.  Then, if you live or work in Cary, Morrisville, Raleigh, Apex, Durham on the greater Research Triangle area, please
Contact Us for additional information or Book An Appointment, so that we may be of service to you and your family as well.

Margaret Ann - Cary, NC

“My husband and I moved to Carolina Preserve from NJ almost one year ago. We have been living a Chiropractic life style for over forty years. My husband Jack, a retired Firefighter, has had a very active work career. I told him I would once again go for treatments when he found someone that he liked. Well, after visiting several Chiropractors, he found Sandez Family Wellness Center and has been very pleased, as I am too. Dr Sandez is very thorough and has the Patients best interest at heart. He also works with exercise and has an extensive interest in providing additional health information for an all around healthy life that benefit inside and out. After one is a Patient and under his care, you obviously know, that he and his wife practice the same lifestyle that they encourage in their Wellness Center. They are a great team putting their Patients' lifestyle and well being to the forefront. We are confident that others can feel and benefit the same way.”


Trish - Morrisville, NC

“If you’ve tried chiropractic care in the past with negative results as I did….. Call Dr. Sandez. I originally saw a chiropractor 20 years ago. I went faithfully for 2 months with no results. He finally told me he could not help me and I had surgery. I realize now that was a mistake. I believe Dr. Sandez may have been able to prevent the surgery. Recently I started having problems with my sciatic nerve. It was preventing me from driving long distances and walking was becoming a struggle for me. I decided I would try a Chiropractor (one more time) to see if they could help me. I saw Dr. Sandez website and was so impressed that I made an appointment. This has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. My sciatic nerve pain, numbness and tingling, gone!!!! My constant headaches that I thought was from staring at a computer all day, gone!!!! No more Tylenol every day. He even gave me advice on nutrition, exercise and stretches. I highly recommend Dr. Sandez to anyone wanting relief from pain without surgery or drugs; just to feel better!”


Michael - Raleigh, NC

“I've suffered from lower back pain for several years now. I silently suffered through it until it eventually became too much. I've been visiting Sandez Family Chiropractic for over a year now and can't say enough about the benefits of Chiropractic care. The lower back pain is gone. An added bonus, few to no headaches. I assumed the headaches were just a part of life and due to stress. I was wrong. From my first visit to the present Dr. Sandez has kept my back in working order, alleviated the pain, and kept the headaches at bay. One could not ask for friendlier or more caring people than Dr. Sandez and his wife Jennifer, who runs the office. If you're thinking of giving chiropractic care a chance then the Sandez Family should be your first choice.”


Darrell and Kathleen - Cary, NC

“My wife and I have been going to Sandez Family Chiropractic for about two years. When we first started, we both had many problems with our backs and legs. After a short time, we began to feel better. As time went on, we saw the need to continue with a maintenance program. This program has enabled us both to stay in good physical and mental health and we find that the old problems we had at the start, are mostly gone. We will continue with Sandez Family Chiropractic as we have found them to be the most helpful in our health care regimen."


Kerry - Raleigh, NC

“Dr. Sandez is very low key and really believes in “leading families to optimum health & function, naturally!” Never once has he tried to sell me anything in the way of products, vitamins or such. Dr. Sandez really just teaches me how to be healthier and how to heal the healthiest way possible. I always feel so much better once I have left his office. I miss going on the days I don’t get to go for an adjustment. I tell my husband I feel as though I am addicted to adjustments now. If your looking for a great chiropractor then I would give Dr. Sandez a try because you will be thanking your lucky stars.”

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